Here are some definitions, articles, maps, and links for data, opinions, and information about the double-edged sword of gentrification and the continual cycle of urban blight and renewal. I hope you find these helpful – there are some points from the “pro” side, but mostly “anti.” Enjoy!



Flag Wars: What is Gentrification?


Gentrification continues its eastward push: 31st and Troost slated for $18M development from kansascity



Gentrification concerns raised over plans near Kansas City’s jazz district


The Nearly Forgotten Historic Northeast Kansas City


Who’s Our Neighbor? A Conversation on Neighborhoods, Poverty and Race – QUESTIONS


The Atlantic: Is Gentrification a Human Rights Violation?



Gentrification, Property Taxes and Arson


MAC Properties Opens New Imported Modular Apartments in Midtown KC




Gentrification in the West Side | Emmanuel Mack & Mylene Carrasco


Why Is Gentrification Bad?


7 Reasons Why Gentrification Hurts Communities of Color


An examination of gentrification: A look at Kansas City


Gentrification: The Westside from kansascity



Gentrification in KC: Is it Happening? And Where?


Gentrification: The Westside



Gentrification study shows urban core strength, Troost dividing line



Can You Improve an Area Without Gentrifying It?




Reforming Tax Increment Financing (TIF)



MAC Properties Plans $78M Project to Revive Troost/Armour Intersection


MAC properties $78 Million project for Armour/Troost intersection from kansascity




2016 Sessions


121A-B-Cs: Part 3, What does the city get for its tax abatement?



Hyde Park residents voice concerns at Antheus, MAC property meeting



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